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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Pro's

This past weekend started the Wedding Extravaganza of 2011 (yes I realize I also have a Crafting Summer of 2011, it's gonna be busy folks). We will be attending a total of four weddings from June through September...then a couple months off and it's our turn. This is in addition to my cousin's wedding this past February and the three we attended last summer. Tired, yet? I'm sure poor D is, especially because these are all my peeps. My calendar is filled with hearts marking weddings and circled important wedding dates, I'm a doodler what can I say:

{Personal picture of my Wedding Events Calendar}

Since January, I have attended three bachelorette parties (with three left to go) and two bridal showers (with three left to go). I figure that with each wedding you typically have a minimum of three events to attend, sometimes four if you are invited to the rehearsal dinner. Adding that all up, that means we have around 15 wedding related activities to attend. Yowza.

When we arrived at the reception this past weekend, I died and went to bridal planning heaven (is that an oxy-moron?!). Sure, I noticed extra details that a lot of guests probably didn't just because I have bridal brain right now, but wow. I'm positive that even the most out-of-the-wedding loop, first-wedding-ever-attendee, I-despise-weddings guest was beyond impressed. D turned to me and said "We should take notes." My brain had already taken it all in glancing from the silver Chiavari chairs to the stacked vintage tea cups to the glass chandeliers to the cabana's posted up outside of the main tent. I didn't need notes to know this was one for the books. I can already imagine opening my Ruffled daily email to see her wedding featured.

{Personal Pictures of Cabana's}

It hit me that when D suggested taking notes, that by the time we have our wedding we will have gone to eight weddings together...and each wedding, in all of their original glory, is inspiring and gets my bridal juices flowing. The wedding this weekend, beyond the amazingness mentioned above, supplied guests with white boa's to dance with. Feathers were flying through the air and covering the ground. It was so unique, check it out:

{Personal Picture of the Bride dancing with BM Candace}
While claiming to be pro's might be a bit of an exaggeration, I think we will take in a lot from the four weddings we go to this summer. And the best part? After celebrating with each of those four couples on their special day, they will get to celebrate with us on ours. *Cue the aww's*

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