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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Thoughts

The Royal Wedding is plastered everywhere, and I for one, could not be more excited. And yes I will be getting up in the middle of the night to watch the celebrations. It is after all, The Super Bowl time 1,000 PLUS CROWNS. To quote my favorite middle-class mom, Frankie, from The Middle.

{Frankie displaying her Royal souvenirs}

I was born exactly a year after Princess Di's wedding and even though I wasn't even alive yet, I can instantly picture her dress, her train, the carriage. I can only imagine the impact the current Royal wedding will have on today's and future brides.

I love that Royal Weddings are not kept a secret and are instead celebrated for the public to see. We know about them well in advance and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people gather to watch as they have their FIRST KISS upon the balcony. I cannot imagine being there, amongst the crowd and feeling the energy, at the exact moment. I get chills watching it on the tube in my home far far away from London. I'm not gonna lie, I wish I was in London right now!

It's only fitting that I'm obsessed with the Royal Wedding since I obviously have something in common with the future princess...what's that? It's not clear what our commonality is? Oh, well we are both brides to be. Meh, it's a far stretch but I'll take it. Wedding brain takes over when you are engaged and the word venue and cake and flowers have never had so much meaning, and I hope that even for a princess-to-be it's the same. So when you can follow someone who is in a similar situation and in such a spotlight, it's like you instantly can relate to her...kind of. I don't have Royal Jewels at my disposal and I'm not marrying an actual prince, but nonetheless, we're both still brides.

I think Kate is gorgeous. She radiates confidence, she's effortlessly beautiful. Her style is to die for. Her smile is contagious. And her hair? I.want.it. I clearly have a girl crush on the woman. Who doesn't:

{Kate Middleton, announcing Engagement}

My mom read somewhere that this Royal Wedding is going to cost sixty million dollars. Obviously Kate knows what she's getting into, she's been dating the prince for years...but I can't help but wonder if she would like more control of her wedding. For her wedding to reflect more of her down-to-earth background. There are certain expectations and rituals you must do, as I understand, when you marry into Royalty and marry in the Westminster Abbey. She won't be showing off her shoulders in the modern sweetheart neckline gown. She will more than likely be wearing a lonnng veil, no birdcage for her. Then I wonder, has she even read wedding blogs? Is she aware of these trends in the wedding world? While she's marrying into Royalty and becoming a princess, is her wedding day about her & Prince William or the Monarchy's traditions? She's a commoner and from the countryside, and while it is easy to say "How lucky for her to have the wedding of her dreams", I wonder if it is really the wedding of her dreams. That's a whole lot of wondering, coming from my realist side.

My envious side? I imagine the team of hair stylists and makeup artists that are going to be tending to her on the morning of her wedding? The dress fit custom to her, with details she specified. The photography is going to incredible. And the food will be nothing short of five-star. And I'd imagine she hasn't stressed much about it, as it's all done by the folks who work for the Royal Family. Or maybe she has, maybe even the Royalist of brides still worries about her wedding day. She is after all, doing this in front of the world to see.

Every bride will be the center of their own wedding, but can you just imagine riding in your carriage down 'The Mall' with all those people yelling you & your new husbands name and waving flags in your honor. So much for a sparkler exit, when you have this, heh?

{The Mall on Princess Diana & Prince Charles' Wedding Day}

I haven't always been up on the Royal history and Monarchy, but thanks to TLC I have gotten my knowledge over this last week and I think that Kate & William have what it takes to brave the Royal world. My expert opinion, ha!

Cheers to the beautifully Royal couple.

{Engagement Picture}

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