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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Decision One: Made

I'm hoping I was like all some newly engaged gals when I say that, even though I had only been engaged for a mere couple hours, my mind was instantly in wedding mode.

For me, setting the date the night we got engaged was priority one two three. I called my parents (priority one), and called my best friend (priority two), MOH Honey. After asking how Mr. H proposed, and then of course congratulating us, the first question my parents and MOH Honey asked us, was when...When will we get married?! The date is so important and everything revolves around the date. I know that is the first question I ask newly engaged peeps. I guess it's in attempt to know how soon (or far away) the date is. Are we talking next month or next year? The date is a pretty big deal.

So, we sat down after drinking our celebratory champagne and discussed the date, very very lightheartedly. I knew this: we already had four friends getting married in summer 2011.These four ladies were engaged before me and I did not feel comfortable tromping in and squeezing our wedding in between ones that had already been set. We wanted to be different, provide something different. And that's when decision one was made: we will have a winter wedding!
Lets indulge in some winter and snowy wedding goodness.

Our own Mrs. Champagne! Image via Weddingbee.com/Photo by  Design MB Fotografie

Another snowy bride, Mrs. Knitting! Image via Weddingbee.com/Photo by Josh Levinson

Photo by Ian Johnson

Image via Wedding Splendor/Photo by Shandro Photo

Image via Snippet & Ink/Photo by Kristopher Orr

We instantly had our hearts set on the winter wedding in the Colorado mountains. Being that we got engaged in August we decided to take the long engagement route and rather than push ourselves to plan a wedding in 5 months, we would take 17 months. Picking the date in January 2011 involved nothing more than looking at what the dates were on Saturday's and picking my favorite. Super technical and special, heh? Since we didn't have our hearts set on any particular date, this worked the best for us, and even though there wasn't a lot of though process behind the decision, I love the way the dates look together. Easy peasy, on to the next step...

Did you just pick a date because the numbers looked good together or were you lucky enough to have sentiment behind the big date?! Who else is loving the off-beat season of winter weddings?

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