We Live a Sweet Life Filled with Wild Adventures.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Live the Sweet Life

I cannot tell you how many times we've been doing something in our town, where everyone around us wants to pinch themselves, because we can't believe where we live and the things we get to see and do. Let me paint a picture: you and some of your favorite people in the world all sitting around drinking beer. Ya ya, I realize everyone almost everywhere can do that. But do you do it at 6,500 feet elevation? (That's what she said!) Do you drink beer nestled between peaks reaching fourteenthousand feet? Do you cheers your friends because there is around 300 days of sunshine? Do drink up because you are one of only sixteen thousand people soaking up said rays of sunshine? Well we do, so take that. * Oprah has been here. Shaun White practiced for the X Games. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid shot a scene here. The Mountain Bike World Championship started here. What is this magical little town, you ask? Durango, Colorado. Check it, it's breathtaking. We live in such an awesome place that earlier this year, Men's Journal named our little mountain town as the #1 Place To Put Your Outdoor Life First.

We have rivers, mountains, lakes and desert...we have a snow beach & a river beach...we have festivals out the wazoo...we a ski resort...we have street festivals...we have local microbreweries...we even have a train and a motorcycle rally...we have spring, summer, winter and fall. We, my friends have it all. (Woah, I just reminded myself of Dr. Seuss. Oh The Places You'll Go!!).

We camp, we sail, we snowboard, we do motorcycle rides. We drink beer, we raft, we ride cruisers. We do it ALL. Some more than others (ahem, drink beeeeer, yum).

I have a new goal: to document the sweetness that is our life. Enter, my blog. Let's see how it goes, heh?

*I fully, 100% realize that there a gajillion amazing places to live and I am just expressing my tiny little viewpoint.

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