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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Two Became Six

Alternative Title: The Honey Furbabies.

Our first night together was in January. Our first getaway was Valentines weekend. He said I Love You that following Monday morning. By the end of February we decided we wanted to live together and in the beginning of March we moved into our home. Ya, in case you aren't counting, that's less than three months from our first night together.
{Personal picture of our house the first time we looked at it}

In addition to combining our lives, we would be combining the lives of our current pets:

{My 10 year old kitty, Cloud}

{The Misters 2 year old puppy, Zeus} 

I think it was fate that we were to be together because, duh, our pets are the exact same color. Nothing says soul mates like matching pets, right?

So two pets, two people in a new home. A lot of changes, but both us and our pets were adjusting to our new lives perfectly, when we decided to up it once more and round out our family with these additions:
{Duke & Macie, as teeny tiny babies in May 2010}

Hive, I'm not exaggerating when I say that we adore our animals. They make us smile and are at the center of our lives so it was only appropriate they had a post all their own. There is no doubt that we will be incorporating them into our big day. We have learned to be less selfish and also rely on each other for taking care of our mini family very early in our relationship.

Did anyone else take huge relationship steps in a short amount of time? And, where my animal lover's at?!

*All personal pictures unless otherwise noted.

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