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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Grand Scheme

Even after our initial meeting was everything but butterflies and instant romance, for some reason I could not get this guy out of my head. I honestly don't think we said more than a few sentences to each other that night that everything went so horribly wrong. Our friends were still dating and I took every chance I got to let my girlfriend know that I wouldn't say no to a double date or a night out on the town with her man and his 'friends'...to no avail. I went November and December without running into him. One Funday Sunday in January, some girlfriends and I headed to a historic bar in town to have an alcoholic beverage and praise our sweet lives. That's when D came up again in conversation...he had a 'real' job (which is hard to come by in our lil town), he loved country music, he had a dog. Music to my ears and I decided to do one last begggg to meet him. So we did what any 21st century girl with a crush does...Facebook stalked him....with all of my girlfriends. That's right, don't tell me you've never done it. We looked at pictures of him playing rugby, pictures with his ex girlfriend, pictures of him kayaking, pictures from high school. After the stalking I was even more convinced I needed to meet him- again. So we devised a plan... The next weekend there was a benefit for a local kayaker who was in a four-wheeler accident and lost his hand. We knew the benefit would bring all kayakers together, including my love interest. I would casually show up and 'just happen' to run into D. The plan worked swimmingly. I was reintroduced and within 5 minutes he was checking out my veins...buying me beers...asking about my career...discussing tattoos. Oh the veins? He's a phlebotomist so he was admiring my healthy blood flow. Better than checking out my ass I suppose. By the end of the night, we were holding hands, sneaking off into nooks downtown to make out...and ended up in the same cab home. The next morning he scurried off to the store and made me biscuits and gravy. And we have not wasted a second since then. PS- he has heard stories from my girlfriends about my master plan, and he's flattered.

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