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Monday, April 18, 2011

She Said Yes: The Second Part

When I left off, we successfully took the sailboat down and kept my bling hidden from my best friend. The drive home was surreal as I sat there and stared at my left hand ring finger. My parents and I are very close and it was always important to me that my parents knew of the impending proposal. Mr. Honey did good and spoke to them before popping the question, so when I called to tell them they were giddy with anticipation. Of course were thrilled...and cried tears of happiness.

Celebration was in clearly in order. We rode our cruisers downtown to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We splurged and got seafood and Prickly Pear Margaritas. I positioned my hand each time the waiter would come to our table to attempt to blind him with my new sparkly:

Mr. Honey picked out my ring by himself, the only thing that ever came up was that I adored a 'cushion cut'. I don't even know if that's a technical term, but I saw a ring on Tiffany's once and I knew that's what I wanted. I love the shape of the ring and that it has an antique flare.

After dinner, we stopped at the liquor store and got the finest yummiest sounding Champagne we could find...we got home to our backyard, popped the cork, and watched the sunset with our four fur babies.

{Our first picture of an engaged couple!}

Sailboats, actually watercraft in general, tend to be named. You know the creative names you see plastered all over the sides of fancy schmancy boats. We have had many conversations about what to name ours and finally it came to us: She Said Yes. Our engagement will be forever memorialized on the side of our boat. Perfect.

How did you celebrate your engagement? More importantly, who else celebrated with the finest bottle of $18 champagne?!

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