We Live a Sweet Life Filled with Wild Adventures.

Monday, April 11, 2011

We Live the Wild Life.

I talked about the sweet life we live in my last post. We also live a bit on the wild side....well I should say D lives a little bit more on the wild side than I. I talked about the amazing outdoor activities Durango has to offer, and how we participate in just about everything we can. Well this is where I confess that my man is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. You see, D is from Alabama and moved to my neck of the woods in May of 2009 to follow big rivers and even bigger waterfalls. He's a kayaker. Not just a normal ol' river, but class V rivers, creeks and waterfalls. Evidence: a medium sized drop.

Not only is he crazy when it comes to the adrenaline powered water he paddles, but he doesn't use a normal paddle...no way, that's too easy. He uses hand paddles. Evidence: he's in the front, arms spread like hes flying because he has no paddle like the guy in the back. Crazy. Wild. Insane. Use whichever adjective you like, they all describe him and his adrenaline addiction. This isn't his only outlet either. He skateboards, snowboards, downhill mountain bikes, sails, snowmobiles, rides a motorcycle...and I'm sure if he were to read this he would point out something I missed... so forgive me in advance okay sunshine face?

So what is it that I do that's wild and crazy? I do some snowboarding (I'm certainly not flying off of jumps) and I ride on the back of the motorcycle and snowmobile, and I've been sailing. I earned the nickname Cautious Cara, my over-logical brain thinks about injuries a little too much.

I do get my adrenaline rush from rock crawling. Not rock climbing, crawling. With a big jeep, with big tires and a big engine. Evidence: This is my jeep, at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. He came here for the adrenaline pumping action that our corner of the world provides...but he got more than he bargained for. He got love. So Sweet. How our worlds collided in a stalkerish & unplanned sweet & wild way...up next.

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