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Monday, April 11, 2011


Choosing a name for my blog was by far the most difficult task at hand...and obviously I couldn't create a blog without a name so it took me mooooonths- okay weeeeeeks to come up with one that I felt represented both of us. And more of us to come...

I kept coming back to names with two 'things' in them. I guess because there are two of us and we are two different people. I thought about pairs that made me smile like Peanut Butter-N-Jelly or Macaroni-N-Cheese (mainly because I heart the stamp from Zazzle). And a few other food related pairs that I can't and won't divulge for fear of this becoming public (okay, one more, Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese...mmmm).

In my PBandJ scenario: D is clearly PB. He's a smooth talker (or would we have crunchy?!) and can usually hang with different types of people (bananas = yes. toast = yes. oranges = no.) That leaves me to be jelly. I didn't have any other analogies to why I would actually be jelly.


In the MacandCheese illustration? D would be macaroni. He has a bit of a harder shell, until you get him around certain things and then he becomes a limp noodle...BWAHAHAHA, limp noodle! Okay, this scenario will not do. And where to even start with a tomato soup and grilled cheese analogy. Yikes...mind.in.gutter

Do good pairs only come in pairs?! Umm helloooo Rainbows and Glitter!! Apparently I couldn't move past the combos/pairs idea and that's when it hit me while listening to my "Boot Scootin" mix on my iPod. The song that my blog title closely mimicks will make an appearance down the road also...so a shout out to Dierks Bentley and his hit Sweet & Wild. Because we are, in two four words, So Sweet and So Wild.

More to come, I'm gonna go eat some chips and salsa.

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